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Collaboration - Conversational Garments

For this collaboration we teamed up with Philly based clothing/vintage brand Conversational Garments to produce a limited run of jackets. These jackets feature upcycled deadstock fabric (which we found in a garage in North Philly) and cream textured lining - all in our Fillmore Liner silhouette. In this capsule collection there are 6 available colorways and due to limited supply of fabric, only 2 of each were produced (12 total). 

Check out Coversational Garments
and a selection of the collection below

Director of Photography: Erik Rivera ︎
Model: Shakoor Hakeem ︎
Model: Paul Giess ︎

Release 011 (Fall 2022)

Release 011 entitled “Wild Life” is an outdoors collection for the metropolitan explorer. We wanted to recontextulize the meaning of wildlife. When we think of the word “wildlife”, images of plants and animals, interacting together within an ecosystem - a forest, a mountatin, a body of water - may come to mind. We often forget we are yet another animal within a larger ecosystem - a city, a country, a global network. Looking out into the world, our constructed ecosystems, may be of any species the most wild to navigate. Hence the title of our collection. 

This collection features two new silhouettes - the Upstate Anorak and the Brixton Rugby; A new iteration of our mockneck - The Cambridge; A custom dyed graphic tee, and a custom dyed 5 panel embroidered snap back hat. 

Director of Photography: Erik Rivera ︎
Styling: Gina Grasso ︎
Model: Vinh Luong ︎

Release 010 (Summer 2022)

Welcome to All Play’s version of a book club, where we’ll be sharing some of the books that have had a huge influence on us as a brand. Whether you are new to, or already familiar with, the author/book, we hope we can spark new ideas and perspctives through shared imagery, quotes, and product design.

This capsule collection features a set of tees, bandanas and posters that were inspired by the Italian designer, Bruno Munari’s book, Design As Art, as well as Herman Hesse’s most famous book Siddhartha. The collection also includes our Art-is-in-all charm/keychain which integrates the rapid production capapblities of 3D printing with the slow process of hand embroidery. 

Release 009 (Spring 2022)

This collection features vintage/retro undertones, eastern motifs, and themes such as constantly evolving, embracing change, and growing collectively

Release 008 (AW 2021)

At All Play University there are no buildings, no lecture halls, teachers or professors. The world is your classroom and life is your only lesson. This collection of goods is inspired by vintage collegiate and classic streetwear. It features a pair of mocknecks (cut & sewn), screen printed tees, a hoodie, and a 5 panel front pinch hat.

Worn Above: Protect The Spark Tee

Worn Above: Inner Peace Mockneck in Scholar Green 

Worn Above: Falling Tee

Worn Above: All Play Research Lab (APRL) Hoodie and Hat

Worn Above: Inner Peace Mockneck in Campus Blue

Director of Photograpy: Erik Rivera ︎
Model: Herbert Quick ︎