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Release 012 - SS23 “Slow and Steady”

Release 012 entitled “Slow and Steady” is a summer capsule featuring our first camp collar short sleeve shirt in a rayon/linen blend. We wanted to make this a simple garment that could be styled in several ways (buttoned, unbuttoned, collar strapped or unstrapped) but also offers subtle touches like the front vetical seems and back pocket to make the piece unique. It’s been a long, slow journey to get to this point with a number of wins and losses along the way. As a self taught designer, and independent brand, we try to remind ourselves that building something we truly believe in will take time. it is this journey we’ve chosen for All Play, and hope you’ll join us as we continue to try and get better for you with each release. 

Director of Photography: Erik Rivera ︎
Talent: Vinh Luong ︎