Series  = A conceptual set of related media, merchandise, events and sounds that may span multiple projects and/or seasons. Watch and listen to content and shop in an integrated experience. 

 Collection Archive = Seasonal collection retrospective. Revisit older collections and events as well as behind the scenes content.

American Dream

Fall 2020
Collection Archive 

All Play Records

Originally a record store started in the Motown era, All Play Records has had many faces over the years. From vinyls, to tapes, to CDs, to P2P, and now streaming, All Play Records has been able to persist and evolve with the every changing music industry while remaining steadfast in their mission - putting the art and the artist first. Join us on our journey as we bring people together to explore, experiment and collaborate without boundaries.

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Assume Form

Holiday 2019
 Collection Archive 

Infinite Drift

Fall 2019
 Collection Archive

Kill Yr Ghosts

Spring 2019
 Collection Archive 
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Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Summer 2018
 Collection Archive 
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